Tiffany Briens top picks and tanning tips!✨💜

Want to know how Tiffany Brien gets that on point glow? We’re giving you the low down on her go to products as well as her tanning techniques! Keep reading to find out her Tantastic top picks and her top tips to achieve that perfect just back from Ibiza glow!

Dark Mousse

Tiffany loves to use our Dark Mousse for that just back from Ibiza look! She uses our Dark Mousse for all over her body. Our Dark Mousse velvety formula glides effortlessly onto the skin, with naturally hydrating Aloe Vera and Pro-Vit B5 combining to leave the skin feeling beautifully soft and supple with a super dark finish. Tiffany will layer up if she wants an even darker glow, so if the first layer isn’t dark enough, the second one will be!

Dark Liquid

Tiffany uses our Dark Liquid when she wants that mega dark glow which gives you that desired dark finish immediately. It dries in a flash leaving skin feeling soft, supple and moisturised. Packed out with moisturising ingredients to hydrate the skin and ensure your tan lasts for up to 7 days! Super dark, for girls who love to look like they’re back from Cancun! No need to layer up with this tan, leave it on overnight to give you a super dark glow! Tiffany loves to use our Dark Liquid for all over her body!

Rapid Spray

Tiffany adores our Rapid Spray as it is literally a spray tan in a bottle! What more could you ask for? Dress and go in 2 minutes with this spray, as it develops in just 60 minutes! Control your own colour – leave to develop for longer for a deeper result. Great for girls who find it difficult to tan their back, hands and feet. With its 360 degree nozzle, it allows you to get to those hard to reach places. Infused with Aloe Vera so it nourish and soothes your skin upon application. This is an essential when packing for your holidays.

Tiffs Top Tips


Tiffany uses our Dark Mouse and our Dark Liquid for her body and puts Rapid Spray on her face as well has her hands and feet to get her flawless glow!

If you want to top your tan up mid-week them spray a layer of Rapid Spray over your existing tan to get keep your glow going!

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