Struggling to find a tan right for you? Tantastic has got you covered!

Every girl has their own personal favs when it comes to self-tanning and some girls just can’t find their GO TO TAN. Look no further, because at Tantastic we have a tan to suit every skin tone, as we believe in only the best for you babes. With only goodness in our bottles to make you smile! 😊

For all you Tantastic babes out there, we are giving you a breakdown on all our Tantastic range to help you find the GLOW UP you deserve!

Tantastic Mousse 

Tantastic Fast Drying Mousse comes in a dark shade, it has a velvety formula that glides on to the skin when applying. Its natural aloe vera and pro-vitamin B5 ingredients leave your skin soft and smooth. Tantastic Mousse is light in texture, so it is absorbed quickly; meaning you can dress and go in 2 minutes. This tan also has a colour guide, allowing you babes to see where the tan is being applied – leaving no patches.

This product is perfect for that Ibiza holiday glow, allowing you to look like the bronzed babe you are, all year round!

Tantastic Liquids 

One of our #TantasticGirls top picks, the Tantastic Fast Drying Liquid self-tan. The liquid is available in medium (6% DHA) and dark (9% DHA) shades. This is your bestie in a bottle as it suits all skin tones, perfect for any glow up you desire!

Our liquid self-tan is delicately fragranced (no bad fake tan smell), non-sticky and almost immediately leaves your skin smooth and bronzed. Your tan should last up to 7 days and the glycerine in this tan will moisturise and protect your skin – it’s a win, win! One application and you’ll be hooked!

Tantastic Rapid Spray

This one is a real hit with our bloggers as the Tantastic Fast Drying Rapid Spray self-tan comes in a medium shade. It has a 360 degree nozzle and empties 100%, so there is no wastage. Ingredients include isopentyldiol and natural aloe vera, which will hydrate your skin, leaving you with a smooth even finish. For any babes with dry or sensitive skin, look no further! This is your bestie in a bottle!

Once applied the tan develops giving you that desired golden glow in 60 minutes. TIP: the longer you leave the tan to develop the more bronzed goddess you become! If you like a deeper colour, we recommend applying the tan before bed and let it develop while you sleep. Wake up and see the amazing results!

Tantastic Lotion 

This is another must have with Tantastic babes out there, Tantastic Fast Drying Tanning Lotion in medium. This tanning lotion contains isopentyldiol, natural Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Pro-Vitamin B5 – so it is a highly moisturising! Perfect for any of you who have sensitive or dry skin. Better yet, it has an instant colour guide and can last up to 7 days! This is a great tan to achieve that every day sun kissed glow up.

Tantastic Gradual Tan 

For babes who love a subtle glow, our Tantastic Gradual tan  is perfect. Just apply this rich moisturiser before you go to bed and let the subtle tanning agents work their magic. You can apply this self-tan a few nights in a row to get a darker glow and it’s great for topping up or extending your tan after being on holiday! It’s simple to apply, rich in moisturising cream, it’s perfect to use on holidays to keep your skin hydrated and allows you to keep that glow going! Its fast drying, non-sticky formulation, and meaning you babes can dress and go in 2 minutes! It has 3% DHA, giving you a nice natural glow!

Got your eyes on a Tantastic tan? Check out our full range here and where you can purchase. Be sure to send us your Tantastic glow ups using #TantasticGirls on Instagram and Twitter!