Going on holiday? Here’s why you should fake not bake! ☀️

A sun-soaked holiday is just the thing we all need after our seriously pro-longed winter, not to mention some well needed Vitamin D and sun on our skin.

If you are lucky enough to have a sun-filled getaway coming up, consider self-tanning before heading off. There are many benefits to starting your tropical trip with a bronze complexion – here are just a few to think about.

Get a Glow Before you Go


It’s almost a rite of passage to snap a picture at the airport. We mean, how else will everyone know you’re off on your jollies without a photo being posted to Insta or Snapchat before you take off? If you’re used to always being bronzed and decide to go au natural before your hols, trust us, you will look back on the pics from the airport & first few days of your holiday and wish you had just put some Tantastic on your bod. Why would you not want to look glowy & gorgeous your whole holiday – not just the last 3 days. For a gorgeous glow try our Medium Lotion Tan for a super hydrating long lasting tan enriched with Aloe Vera.

Don’t Fear Fake Tan is Here


Do you fancy blending into the white sun-lounger on your first day by the pool surrounded by the holiday-makers who have been at the resort for a good few days? Of course not! Lots of gals don’t want to tan before holidays with the fear that it will stop them getting a natural tan. That is not the case, you can indeed tan normally through our products, just make sure to use your usual SPF as well. Just fake tan that bod babe, you really can’t put a price on body confidence. To maintain an even tan on your holiday try one of our Summer Sets which includes our strawberry scented exfoliating bodywash – which is the perfect prep for a fabulous tan.

Fake Don’t Bake


Most importantly, it’s not the safest option to spend all day lounging under the sun in an attempt to bronze your skin. After all, UV rays are not our best friend, not to mention all of the health risks associated with sun exposure. We’re not saying not to kick back with a cocktail – especially if you’re armed with sun cream. But, for the sake of one or two weeks in the sun to get a glowy tan and then be pale a month later, is there any point in risking it all for a tan that will fade within a few weeks? Trust your best friend in a bottle, fake don’t bake!

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