Tantastic is not just a self-tan, it’s a fashion accessory for women (just like you) who live fast, spontaneous lives and need a tan to match: so that you can spend less time preparing to go out and more time actually having fun.

However, although speed is obviously of the essence for you, so too is looking good, so compromising on quality wasn’t an option for us; that’s why all the tans in our range have been developed with your skin very much in mind to leave it feeling soft, supple, moisturised and absolutely amazing looking!

Tantastic is noticeably different to other tans you will come across, we haven’t created a range of tans that are designed to suit everybody, we’ve created one specifically for busy, young, fun loving women who want to look great in a flash.

And that’s exactly what happens with Tantastic because our tans are fast drying, simple to apply and last up to 7 days. But there are loads more unique benefits that you’ll love too….benefits that are, yep you’ve guessed it, designed with speed, ease and beauty all very much in mind:

Our Unique Sunkissed Fragrance:

Not only does Tantastic not smell of fake tan (you know that dreaded fake tan smell?), it is infused with a beautiful fragrance so that you not only look and feel great, you smell great too!

Instant Colour Guide:

Apply the coloured formulation to skin for an instant ‘colour guide’ that shows up any smears or missed bits and immediately reveals the shade of colour that will develop overnight – so you can hit the town with confidence!

Fast Drying, Non-Sticky formulation:

Forget the usual sticky tans that clog the pores on your skin and add to drying time (which means more time getting ready). Our lighter formulations means you can dress and go as quick as lightening!

Choice of Colour Depth:

We have light, medium and dark formulations to choose from so whatever depth of colour finish you are looking for, you can be sure you’ll find it in our range.